St. Edward's University Explore Austin Page Re-Design

As a marketing intern at the St. Edward's Marketing Department, I was able to work on a variety of projects that included research and design. I worked on a team with the other interns on the Explore Austin page that is specifically created for potential and current students. It is a guide that we wanted students to use to discover places that they could visit with their family or friends. This includes places to eat, places to have fun, and sources to find internships. The task at hand was to drive more traffic to a page that needed major updates.

I was in charge of re-vamping the Job Scene page that is tailored towards providing information about all the things that Austin can offer St. Edward's students. I used this as an opportunity to do a lot of research on what companies St. Edward's alumni have founded, resources the university can provide, and some facts on the job scene in Austin. 

The goal for this page is to lead the student on a mini-journey. As you can see, there is internal site linking (I know a little crazy to point out but it is important for SEO purposes) to the Career and Professional development center first. This is so students know these resources are available to them. Then students can be inspired by other alumni that have created companies locally to help the community. Finally, there are links to other stories for relevant articles and a fact about fortune 500 companies in Austin. Why is this important? A lot of potential students who are looking for a good college fit for them, do a lot of research on what the city and school has to offer. The marketing department wants to drive more conversions to their apply page and this page can be a link in the students conversion journey. 

Design wise, the icons above that I created were not used on the website. I thought this would be a creative way to represent the companies that St. Edward's Alumni founded. But I did not want to re-brand these businesses so in the end they would be replaced with the actual logo of each company. It was still an exercise that allowed me to focus on making icons for a page like a lot of business pages have today. Also, note the color blue was chosen from the St. Edward's University brand book.