F*Ckery Podcast Identity

My clients are making a podcast about...f*ckery. Targeted at millennials and young adults who are finding their way in this crazy world. Podcast coming soon...


Handmade Customized Typeface

This is the word mark for the F*ckery podcast. It is hand made. The client wanted something that was free, fun, youthful, and had a cursive look. I looked at many existing typefaces and decided that going handmade was the way to go because it is authentic and made it easier to incorporate components of what the client wanted in a typeface. 

2017-02-01 06.44.27 1.jpg

The Process

To start my process off, I researched a lot of typefaces that were going in the direction of what the client wanted. We looked at a typeface called Insolente that they liked. This specific typeface did not flatter this specific word when I previewed it. So, I wanted to make something that was handmade and included the asterisk in a different way. A lot of font families have the asterisk existing on its own. I wanted to included it in the type so there was not a awkward space between the asterisk and "f" and "c" characters. I decided to include the tail of the "f" in the asterisk itself to give it a different look and add to this "free" concept.


The Pattern

The pattern consist of icons that represent the personalities and topics that my clients will be discussing in their podcast. 

Phone Angle 2.jpg

The Mock-up

I think mock-ups are the perfect way to bring the project to life. It makes the project more real and gives them an idea of what the final product would look like in the podcast app.


The Final Thumbnail

All the components together made the final podcast thumbnail which consisted of what the client wanted in a end product. The forest green color brings a lot of contrast between the type and background. Overall, the type and icons complement each other.