New York City and Digital Marketing

New York City and Digital Marketing

 Photo I took on NY tour bus

Photo I took on NY tour bus

Anticipation. Excitement. Nervousness. This is what I felt before traveling alone to a city I have never been to before. Traveling to New York City this June for the Marketing EDGE Collegiate Summit was one of the most educational and rewarding events I have attended to date. I have never been to New York City before, so the opportunity to travel to the most business-oriented city in the U.S. was inspirational. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to learn more about the field of marketing. You will meet so many inspirational professionals and students who share your interest! To understand a little bit of what I learned here is a little insight as to what I learned about on Day 2 of the Marketing EDGE workshops.

Global Privacy in 2016: Strictly Compliance or Marketing Opportunity

Speakers: Brooks Dobbs (Chief Privacy Officer at Wunderman & Y&R Group), Rachel Glasser (Director of Digital Privacy & Partner Activation at GroupM), Matthew Haies (Sr. VP, General Counsel at Xaxis), Ted Lazarus (Director, Legal at Google), Bennie Smith (VP, Trust at  FanDuel)

This lecture was very interesting because today the main question is whether or not privacy still exist. People are conflicted when it comes to the “correct” answer because of how much the rise in technology has impacted the idea of privacy. The experts gave us a little bit of insight into what it is. Below is a snippet of the conversation that took place.

BD (Moderator): What are the top 1-2 things that have changed in the privacy regulatory arena?

RG: Transparency and choice. Tools need to be implemented to help consumers understand.

MH: Laptops to Mobile. We have to make sure the experience is seamless and that we normalize the approach across different regions

TL: Cookies. Europe has changed the most and has a different conception of online. It impacts the economy and business.

BS: Stakeholders care about the consumers trust being maintained. You must keep your customer in mind.

BD (Moderator): What are some laws and rules to comply with or not to comply with?

RG: Data protection laws are unclear. Do your best to comply with different laws and regulation. Some things that may be benign in one place may not in another.

MH: It is impossible to create a system for 188 countries. To understand compliant side is to sit with the non-compliant. You have to be comfortable with uncertainty and meaningfully protecting user data. People want it to be free but do not want it to harm them in the future.

BS: Risk tolerance profile of your company. Understand risk profile of organization so you are able to run the business. Selling IP addresses for revenue for example is what the privacy person needs to be in charge of.

BD (Moderator): Have we done a disservice to people with 72 hour data breaches?

MH: Netherlands, last 10 years passed the opt-in so experience will be interrupted. With an opt-in dystopia, people will just say yes.

RG: Explain to legislators, they will only do things for publicity and it is very juvenile. You have to get over a political hump to show them the real importance of the problem.  

Programmatic 101

Speakers: Laura Rodriguez (Sr. Manager, Global Planning & Operations at The New Marketing Institute)

Programmatic? What is programmatic? These were my thoughts running through my head before Laura Rodriguez began speaking. She began her talk by giving us a rundown on how programmatic advertising has matured throughout the years:

Liquidity to  Automation to Optimization

I learned that programmatic is the automation of online media buying and how it can help you reach your goals quickly. Here are the other benefits of programmatic:

1. Faster reacting time

2. Better targeting

3. Better use of data

4. Saves money

Something that was really interesting to me during this lecture was the idea of real-time bidding (RTB). This happens every time you visit a web page. When you search a term, advertisement servers run advertisement tags through real-time bidding. The winning bid goes through a server request and a image for an ad pops up on the webpage that you are on that best suits your searches. This process is a little more complex than I explained it but it should give you a basic understanding of what RTB is.

The last thing that was explained during this lecture was that programmatic and RTB are not the same. To be able to tell the difference, the question that you need to ask is whether or not the inventory is being auctioned.

Digital Creative- 8 Rule for Results

Speakers: Tim Carr (Chief Lifter at Lift Agency)

This was my favorite lecture during the whole program because it really focused on the creative aspect of marketing. Below I have listed the 8 rules that Carr explained!

Cut Through the Clutter

  • Type, color, and hierarchy matter
  • Attention span decreases in 8.25 seconds
  • Great creativity is useless if it is hard to read
  • Color has an impact too (Do color test)

Engage Reader with a Prominent Hook

  • Make hook visible in 1-2 seconds
  • Use strategic decisions
  • Use bold and clean fonts

Honor the Call to Action (CTA)

  • Provide clear, eye-catching CTA
  • Start with a verb on CTA - performs better
  • “Submit” vs “Support Haiti” has a different effect on the reader
  • Context matters

Benefits Trump Features

  • Features sell benefits

Work is a Four Letter Word

  • Convey ease over effort
  • Steps vs a form to fill out

Break Down Barriers

  • Address potential objectives

Build Trust

  • Alleviate suspicion
  • Embrace third power awards
  • Provide customer reviews and testimonials

Respect the Brand

  • Think long-term
  • Think of what people take away from your brand with every touch

Overall, Carr explains how important creativity is when it comes to making marketing decisions. He explained how you should always test out different ideas (i.e. experiment with different colors, typefaces, etc.) because this can drive improvement.



Growing as a Digital Marketing Professional

Even though I did not explain everything I learned during this program, this little snippet should give you insight into how rich the knowledge was that I gained. I am really fortunate and thankful to have had the opportunity to go to New York and learn about marketing. I am a person that is all for personal development and I encourage you to look for opportunities that help give you a clearer perspective on life.


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