3 Shows I Binged Watched in 2017

3 Shows I Binged Watched in 2017

Every time I start a new show, it always starts with me having nothing to watch during the time of year when all the shows that I watch take a break and leave me hanging during the Summer and Winter months.  The shows I have listed below are ones I have discovered by scrolling through the endless shows on Netflix and picking them because they have a 90% match with my taste in shows. All three of these shows have made me sit for hours on end eating up every minute of suspenseful moments. Watching them left me screaming, laughing, or pondering about why the cliffhanger was so harsh. Take a look at my 3 favorite shows of 2017 below and let me know if you love some of them or if you think I should check out something you've watched! No spoilers here; I promise! 

Bates Motel


This was one that I started in the Spring of this year and OH MY GOD it was a doozy. I have never seen the original movie (Psycho) so I did not know what I was about to watch. Full of suspense, mystery, and secrecy between characters, I enjoyed every episode of Bates Motel. 

My favorite characters: Norma Bates & Alex Romero (Couple Goalz)

Who would I recommend this show to?: People who love a good story within a story plot, characters doing the unexpected, and psychology.

Twin Peaks


I have been wanting to start watching this show for so long and I finally had the chance to start it this Fall! It is a very dynamic show that has a lot of interesting characters and a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat! It is only 2 seasons long but Showtime did bring back the show 25 years later for another season.

My favorite character: Cooper!

Who would I recommend this show to?: Someone who loves a complex storyline that involves a murder and supernatural forces.



I am someone who loves a good FBI show that is mixed with psychology (I really love psychological elements in shows!). Mindhunter is the perfect mix and introduces you to famous serial killers and how their minds work. It gives contexts as to how the FBI started to discover patterns in serials killers by comparing each of their pasts and their mindsets during significant events in their lives.

My favorite characters: Holden and Wendy

Who would I recommend this show to?: Someone who loves backstory on serial killers and a show based on real-life people and events.

I hoped you enjoyed this blog post! Comment below if you love some of these shows or if you would recommend others! I love to hear about what other people watch. Thanks for stopping by!

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