My Reads: Best Thriller Books of July

My Reads: Best Thriller Books of July

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday in July. It was the start of something crazy for me- I actually read. Being out of college is pretty awesome in the way that it gives me the freedom to actually read for leisure and not because I have to (even though I never really read textbooks *wamp wamp*). 

I wrote a goal for myself randomly at the end of July to read at least 3 books by the end of the year. Well ladies and gents, I read 3 in less than a month. I was shook because I did not think that was possible for me.

I have discovered that a Kindle has been the answer to all of my reading issues. Why? Well, I love paper books- do not get me wrong- but I am a night owl who loves to be in the dark and I hated not being able to read books in the dark. Having a lamp on just annoyed me and buying a book light was just not convenient. So at last! A Kindle was the solution. 

Now I want to share the books I read in the month of July because I think you might like them. For the record, I love psychological thrillers - for books and movies. So these fall into that category!

Top 3 Psychological Thriller Books I Read in July


01. People Who Eat Darkness: The True Story of A Young Woman Who Vanished From the Streets of Tokyo - And the Evil That Swallowed Her Up

This was the first book I commited to reading after looking for some good suggestions on Amazon. I ran into this book and instantly became intrigued by the long title and reviews. It is based on a true story and written by Richard Lloyd Perry who was a journalist. He followed the story of Lucie Blackmans disappearance in Japan. From the background about her family to the evil she encountered, her story is one to read. Lucie Blackman's death brought light to the twisted things happening to women in Japan's clubs. Find the book here!

02. Sharp Objects

This was the second book I read in July and it was such a good decision. This is such a well-written book with well-developed characters that constantly make you wonder "why?". Why is this town the way it is? Why did the killer do this? and Why is Camille's family so off the rails? This book is now an HBO show but I am one of those people who would recommend the book first. From just watching the first episode, if you have not read the book, you will not get all the thoughts going on in Camille's mind during her journey which is a bummer. Overall get this book in your hands and get ready for an intriguing storyline and ending. Find the book here.


03. Baby Teeth

After reading the first two books, I wanted something to keep me on this thriller story high. I discovered Baby Teeth on Amazon after running into it so many times and finally decided to give it a chance. I read this book in 3 days. 3 days. That is how into the story I was. I could not put it down. It is written from the perspective of the mother and daughter. But the daughter is not a typical child. She is trying to get rid of her mother in malicious and deceptive ways to win the love of her father for good. You will be at the edge of your seat while reading into this book and constantly be wondering whose side you are on and why is this child so so so evil. Get started on the book here!

Please leave a comment if you have any other good reads you would recommend! 

~ Victoria Rosa Flores

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