My 5 Favorite Places in Austin This Month

My 5 Favorite Places in Austin This Month

As my second to last semester comes to an end, I wanted to write a fun post about some of my favorite places I have been to this past month. Major shout out to my friends who took me along with them to places! One of my personal goals is to go out and explore more because I love to hang out at my apartment, so I can draw and watch shows on Netflix (bad habit…I know). I would urge you to go around your city to seek out awesome things to do on your down time & share them with others. Here are some places I have been to that you should check out if you are ever in the city. I also included parking spots because that is important too! Enjoy!

New Austin Central Library 


Where is this at?! 710 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701

Parking? Park by the Trader Jo's in the garage (pay by the half hour...if I remember correctly)

This place is spectacular. What other place has a TECHNOLOGY PETTING ZOO? Name a better library I dare you... You may be able to but this is definitely a library you need to check out because of its endless staircases, the large number of bookshelves, groovy study spots, giant red clock, and the roof garden that overlooks the river! Gahhh get in the car right now and head over there!

Walton’s Fancy and Staple

 Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Where is this at?! 609 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

Parking? Off of 6th street or you can walk from the Trader Jo's garage.

If you are looking for a place to wind down and enjoy some tasty macaroons or food, this is a nice spot. Contrasting with the surrounding bars, its rustic elegant feel when you walk in is very refreshing. Definitely, a place to check out if you want some of those Instagram worthy pictures!

Lady Bird Lake-Lamar Beach Metro Park

 View off of the trail of the lake.

View off of the trail of the lake.

Where is this at?! 1715 Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78703

Parking? I like to park by the Austin High School (address above). This will give you access to 2 paths. One North and South of the river!

I walked this trail multiple times and I feel so relaxed when I do! There were these geese that chased my sister and me when we walked it back in September so watch out for their goose gang (they literally chased us). There are so many things in walking distance from this trail like kayak stations, the library I talked about above, Whole Foods, Amy's Ice Cream and one of those cool bike stations! 10/10 would walk again.

Thrift Town in South Austin

Where is this at?! 5700 Manchaca Rd #240, Austin, TX 7874

Parking?  In front of the store

I love thrift stores because you can find some of the most interesting things like old picture frames, vintage shirts, and expensive college textbooks that people hilariously donated to get them out of their sight. I decided to list this place because it is only 1/2 locations in Texas and it is CLEAN. Everything is organized so you know exactly where everything is and they have deals...DEALS on top of DEALS. They take 60% off of the color tag of the day. 11/10 will go back to get more picture frames for my art.

E. Cesar Chavez St.

Where is this at?!: The whole street that is East of downtown Austin.

Parking? Within the neighborhood 

From Juan in a Million to the colorful murals, this place screams Mexican culture! You can smell the Mexican food walking down the street where you will also see bars, cafes, vintage stores, and a piñata shop! I had to do a project on this street's history and businesses which I enjoyed a lot! I would recommend taking a stroll on a nice day to see this place for yourself.

Since I will be going back to Houston soon, I am going to write a post about my lovely hometown because I have some spots to talk about from there too! I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment some places that you think I should visit or that you personally love. Thank you for stopping by!

-Victoria Rosa Flores


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