Facebook: Improving Your Personal Social Media Presence

Facebook: Improving Your Personal Social Media Presence


We all (90’s babies to be specific) were once that middle or high schooler who created their Facebook page and uploaded posts that we thought were “cool”. Those “cool” words or pictures that you posted may not land you the job you want in the near future. I am sure you constantly hear your parents, teachers, counselors, and employers preaching the “do not put things on social media that you will regret later” song and dance. I am here to tell you just how to improve your social presence to reflect your interest and personality. This is going to be a mini-series of blog post for the next couple of weeks. I will be going over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. So let’s get started with your Facebook!

 photo from www.thecontextofthings.com/

photo from www.thecontextofthings.com/


Facebook Introduction

Your introduction needs to be short sweet and to the point! Include where you may go to school, what you enjoy doing, your favorite quote, or whatever you feel comfortable with people knowing about you.

Cover Photo

Some advice for brands from Social Media Examiner is “To avoid a stale page appearance, change your cover in conjunction with the seasons, holidays or events that make sense for your brand.” This also applies to individuals as well as brands! People love to see new images that people share because it helps them understand who the person is (not in a creepy way though). Your cover photo should reflect your interest. Whether it be your favorite car, art, city, vacation spot or quote. There are endless things that you can have as your cover photo. Just make sure that it is...yea you guessed it- appropriate.

Facebook Profile Photo & Images

This is a fairly simple step in improving your Facebook profile. Make sure that your photo is appropriate and shows your face! The last thing that you want is a picture of you at a party doing questionable things with your questionable friends. On that topic, when it comes to social media etiquette, make sure you asks friends to ask you for your permission to be tagged in any photos. You never know when someone may tag you in an inappropriate photo that employers will be able to see.

If you want to be more creative, have a illustration or personal logo as your profile image. This is a good idea if you are heading towards a more creative career.

Shared Content

When it comes to what you share on Facebook, there are endless amounts of things that you can share to your friends. Photos, videos, memes, other people’s posts, events, pages, (I am almost out of breath here) and a lot of other content. Make sure your timeline reflects who you are as a person and what you are interested in. If you are someone who loves computer science, for example, share news articles and funny memes about computer science.

If you want to create your own posts, you can use a graphic design tool called Canva. Canva makes it easy to create creative posts for social media with the correct dimensions.

Frank the Facebooker

  Photo credit: Jeff –   Flickr

Photo credit: Jeff – Flickr


I learn best with examples so I will plan out a Facebook profile for a make believe guy named Frank who is looking to make his profile better.

Profile: Frank is a incoming college student studying theater, he is looking for an internship in the film industry, and he wants to improve his Facebook profile to reflect his interest in film. What does he do?

Step One: Do an audit of your profile. This means to look at what you need to do better. An example of this would be for Frank to look at what other people are sharing on Facebook with similar interest as him. This could be other students, film bloggers, actors, etc. 

Action: Frank decides to post his own blog posts about film and theater. He thinks about sharing a vlog about films he watches and plays he has watched. He is also going to share blogs from other people who write about film and pop culture.

Step Two: Monitor how your friends and family react to your content. Do they leave comments and share it? Yes? Great! This means you are creating content that people want to read and watch. If not, you need to switch up your strategy and make it a little more relatable to your audience. This is something I will go over in another blog post in the future about making a blog.

Wait. So how does he get the internship? Good question! Employers love to see how passionate you are about the industry you are going into and if you share content on social media it is a plus! It shows how committed you are to keeping up with news, trends, and your interest. This is impressive because you are proving that you are able to adapt and keep up with the next best thing while educating people about a topic.


Coherent Profile

Intro + Cover photo + Profile Image + Shared Content = You

This is a formula- your formula. You are a unique person that has specific interest and why not have your Facebook reflect who you are. The content that you share is the main part of mastering the formula. Be creative and explore what you love. The whole point of social media is to educate, interact, and entertain an audience. What are the next steps?

Open your Facebook profile in the next tab and get to working!

I will be going over Twitter next week, so keep an eye out for my announcements for those post on my social media accounts!

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