3 Ways to Grow as a Young Designer

3 Ways to Grow as a Young Designer


Self-improvement is key. This is something that I live by when it comes to being a student, professional, and individual. I have been a graphic designer since my sophomore year of high school and my learning did not stop there! In today’s technological world we have so many educational opportunities available to us that people did not have “back in the day”. A movie that always comes to mind when thinking about “growth” or “self-improvement” is Good Will Hunting. My favorite scene from the movie was when Will was in the bar and dismissed the Harvard student’s argument about his knowledge on History. I love that scene because it shows how we have the freedom to learn whatever we want...whenever we want. The ability to learn and access information is fairly simple today. Whether you are a young designer or someone interested in design, I hope these 3 tips will help you understand how to grow as a creative!


01. Read, Do, Read

Reading is the key. “They do not want you to succeed”- DJ Khaled. I had to throw that quote in here! If you want to have an edge on your competition, knowledge is your main weapon.  Reading books and blogs will give you insight into what people are doing in the design industry and what skills you should develop to become a better designer. Below I have a list of all the books I own. Each has helped me grow in different ways. Some help me with my design process and others teach me about a particular designer. Simply opening that book and reading it will not do. You must comprehend it and put what you learned into practice. If you read about how to layout typography, open InDesign and practice making a layout!

The same thing applies to blogs. Read from Print, Eye on Design, Type Wolf, Brand New, etc. It is not hard to find written content about design on the internet these days. One important thing that you gain from blogs is the ability to spot trends. Is there a specific skill that those blogs highlight? What style of design is in these days? Spotting trends in the design industry is important! So by reading books and blogs, you will begin to become a more knowledgeable designer.

02. Watch & Execute

When I first became interested in design, I did not have a class in high school that taught me how to use Adobe programs. I used my free trial of Adobe Illustrator and used YouTube to learn the basics. I still use YouTube videos today to learn something new to help me improve my designs. I think that this is the best way for a young designer to learn because creative YouTubers have so much to offer. Just like reading books the same rules apply when watching videos. You want to put into practice what you watch! Find your favorite YouTube channels and subscribe to them. Every once in awhile watch something new and have fun applying it to your work!

These are some design channels I'm subscribed to:

Ian Barnard

Phlearn Photoshop

03. Seek Advice

Talking to new people in the design industry is also key. I do not like using the word “networking” because it can make meeting others sound intimidating. One piece of advice that I heard from a design studio in Austin is that it is better to bring your portfolio to seek out feedback. They were explaining how it is better than coming in and asking for an internship off the bat. This is a great way to meet designers because you can use their feedback to improve your work and then possibly get an internship later. This will show the design team that you take critical feedback and use it to your advantage! Meeting new designers and seeking out feedback will be very valuable to you as a professional.


This is all advice I have to offer based off of my experience as a designer! I really hope this was beneficial to you and you learned something new. Please reach out to me if you have anything else to offer or if you would like to collaborate with me on a future post!


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