Personal Brand Design: Basic Logo Development

Personal Brand Design: Basic Logo Development

Basic Logo Development for Personal Branding

This is something that you know you want. This is something that you know you need. Who do you think should create it? Yea...I am talking about you there reading this! Let us learn how to create a personal logo. We will be talking about three steps first is brainstorming, sketching and finally vectorizing.

Step One: How to Get Your Brainstorm Going

This is a very important step in figuring out how to develop a logo for yourself because it is all about figuring out what represents who you are. A way to begin this process is by coming up with 6-9 objects or adjectives that represent who you are. For example, let’s develop a logo for a salesman named Dwight.

Dwight is looking into making a logo for himself and these are the 6 words he picked:

  • Confident
  • Farmer
  • Paper
  • Salesman
  • Assistant to the Regional Manager
  • Hard worker

Dwight has completed the first step in making his logo and now he must start sketching out his ideas!

Step Two: Let the Sketching Begin

If you are reading this thinking, “Victoria I do not sketch…” or “Victoria I do not know how to draw” then I am here to tell you you are wrong! Too many times people do not have faith in their drawing capabilities and it has to stop. Your drawing style is unique to you and that is what is needed to create an authentic logo for yourself.

What you want to do first is draw a symbol that represents each one of those 6-9 words. You can draw them literally, the way the object looks, or abstractly. Abstract would mean that it would not look like what it represents.

Get your paper out and get ready to sketch!

Here is what Dwight Sketched:



After you are done sketching, you want to combine 2 of your favorite sketches for example Dwight picked the “Confident” and “Farmer” sketches he created.

Reminder: This is a very basic way to tackle logo design and it can go much more in depth than what I am teaching you here. 

This is how Dwight combined his sketches:


Next, we need to move to the vector step which can be a little difficult. I will show you a video of how I did it in Adobe Illustrator first. Then, I will help you create it in an alternative way!

Step Three: Make Sketch into a Vector

An alternative way to making the logo, without using software, is by outlining your sketch with a dark sharpie or black ink. I used the Google Docs app on my phone and used the "scan" feature to upload it to my Google Drive. You can also use a scanner to do this as well. If you outline and color in the image precisely enough, it will look kind of close to the vectorized version. Only use the second way if you do not have access to any software! 

Now you are all done with creating your logo! Congratulations! I hope that this graphic design tutorial helped give you a basic understanding on how to create a logo for yourself. Also, I do not mean to ruin it for you but Dwight did not make all of those sketches- I did.  

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