How to Create Effective Social Media Banners

How to Create Effective Social Media Banners

Have you ever wondered how you could create an effective social media banner? Well you have come to the right place! Social media banners are what draws people, visually, to a business’s or individual’s profile. Banners can be used for a variety of things such as promoting an event, giving inspirational support, selling a product or service. I will be giving some tips as to how to use banners effectively for these purposes on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.


Facebook & Twitter Banners

This is a banner I created for a organization I was a part of. It was an announcement of a event we had coming up.


Facebook Banner Dimensions: 851 x 315 pixels

Twitter Banner Dimensions: 1252 x 626, 1500 x 500 (redesign) pixels

Purpose?: Facebook and Twitter are used today to share what your organization or business is doing. Some people chose to use an image of their company, while others use it to promote business events. I would suggest if you are using a picture of something that represents your business (i.e. product, building, etc.), add in text. For example, LUSH Cosmetics Austin uses their hashtag in the banner to remind people to use it on their social media. Think of creative ways to inspire, engage, and draw in an audience with your banners. Remember profiles are all about hierarchy! The first thing your audience will see is the banner then their eye will go down the profile.


Linkedin Banners

Image from:

Linkedin Banner Dimensions: 646 x 220 pixels (Varies)

Purpose?: The main purpose of Linkedin banners are to draw potential employers or clients to your profile. For these profiles, you can use an inspirational quote, a logo, a image of creative work, or a photo of a product. You can use almost anything that represents you or your business As stated before, this is the first thing that catches a person’s eye when viewing your profile so be creative!

Quick tip: Make sure you are creating banners that are the appropriate size. If you can see the pixels in the image, you need to check your dimensions. Pixelated images do not really make the profile look professional, so make sure you take the time to set the correct dimensions when using Adobe Illustrator or other programs. If you need more help, look for templates (such as the one above for Linkedin) to guide you in making sure your content is placed right.

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I hope this content helps you create effective social media banners! Banners are like the billboards of social media profiles, so do not forget to be creative.

 Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments. I will be posting new content at least twice a week to give you helpful tips that can help your business or personal brand, so stay posted!