How To Be a Graphic Designer: Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

While practicing design you need to make sure to avoid these common graphic design mistakes! These “rules” exist to make sure that you are developing work that is professional yet creative. Read about these 5 common mistakes to become a better graphic designer!

Going Crazy With Typefaces

Using too many typeface can cause too much confusion. When designing a poster, flyer, or anything with text on it you want to make sure you are pairing the correct fonts with each other. Either pairing:

  • San-Serif with a certain Serif Font

  • Or using the same typeface for the whole document

If you are looking for extra help look at this website to give you a better idea for how to pair fonts together without going too crazy.

Here is a bad example:




Also, make sure that you do not use upside down text! I created a flyer for an organization on campus and they wanted a part of their departments name upside down on their poster. This made me cry, scream, and die a little inside because that is not the correct way to treat text. UPSIDE DOWN TEXT is oh so bad. You cannot read it and it looks unprofessional.

Not Aligning Objects

Aligning objects on your work is very important! Who wants to look at a flyer with objects that are not aligned correctly? When you start to practice design you will start to have more attention to detail overtime. You will be able to see when text is not aligned with text at the bottom or when shapes are not correctly aligned.

Here is an example that I created:


You can clearly tell that the one on the left is not aligned correctly. Illustrator has a tool called “Align” that will help make aligning your objects quicker and easier. This is what the tool looks like:

Lack of Hierarchy

Hierarchy is very important when developing and designing work. It is all about how the eye runs down the paper. From top to bottom, you want to make sure that your viewer is understanding your message. Do not suffocate your paper with a large amount of information. You want to make sure that everything is readable and can breath. What exactly does this mean? Well look at this poster for example:

This is an example from:

This is an example from:

Everything is readable and your eye runs from the artwork to the title, dates, what will be sold, address, phone number, email, and then social media icons. This is how a viewer should read a poster in order to understand the message that you are trying to get across.

Not Proofreading

Proofreading your work is very important! You do not want to create something that has a misspelled word on it do you?! You will really regret not having someone else proofread it before letting it out into the world. It is as easy as having at least 2 other people read your work before you finalize it for printing or uploading to the web.

Using Comic Sans

This is really self explanatory. Please do not use comic sans for anything.


Basics of Graphic Design: Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

I really hope this guide gave you a little more information on graphic design mistakes to avoid. This is advice for beginning designers who want to learn a little bit extra about graphic design. I am open to any suggestions or other things that you believe graphic designers should know!

If you would like any other tutorial, please leave a comment below. Learning the basics of graphic design takes a lot of practice. I am a self taught designer that is currently pursuing a minor in Graphic Design. Practice does make you better!