Meals I Make: Simple & Tasty Homemade Burgers

These burgers are not your typical Burger King or Whataburger burgers (with those flat patty's that are only seasoned with salt and pepper). I do not mean to throw shade at these two places (that I eat at when I need a quick fix) but these burgers have more flavor and are a lot thicker! Here is how to make them!

Beginner Tips for Starting Your Blog

There are always questions that people have and you might have the answer. Blogging is a great way to share your passions with others, give advice based on your experiences, or to just use as an outlet to express yourself through words. I will be giving a beginner overview in this handy dandy blog about: picking a topic, choosing a website host, planning, and reading analytics.

New York City and Digital Marketing

Anticipation. Excitement. Nervousness. This is what I felt before traveling alone to a city I have never been to before. Traveling to New York City this month for the Marketing EDGE Collegiate Summit was one of the most educational and rewarding events I have attended to date.